North American Steel Erectors
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Serving our general contractors better by putting the field first.

Changing the way the steel package is delivered for General Contractors

NASE is an innovative new venture founded by Engineers who are also journeyman Ironworkers. We are a group of professionals wanting to serve our customers better by being the primary point of contact for general contractors and managing the fabricators. NASE is lead by structural engineers and specializes in large and complex commercial, institutional, bridge and sports facility projects. These are the ambitious projects that often require additional pre-construction engineering and modifications to members or connections in order to meet or improve aggressive client schedules.

Although being in charge of a project as an erector is not traditional, it makes sense. Our client's on-site needs are assessed first and the fabrication is managed accordingly. This way, the mutual beneficial interests of getting the project completed within the site driven schedule are held strong without any competing incentives.



160 Griffin ranch Road, Cochrane, ALBERTA  T4C 2b8

1245 south Michigan ave suite 112, Chicago ILLINOIS  60605

Toll Free: (888) 339-1792

USA: (312) 767-4323

Canada: (587) 316-1792

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Sports Facilities

With every member of our team having overseen the construction of multiple professional team stadiums and arenas, we consider this our specialty. Long spans, roofs, canopies and grandstands are nothing new to NASE.


Whether by launching or erecting in place, we are experienced with both and capable of providing the optimal solution. The strict American and Canadian code requirements justify having NASE engineers lead your steel team.

Heavy Commercial

With many high rise, mid rise and shopping mall projects under our belts the team at NASE enjoys this often high profile project type. We take pride in erecting steel efficiently while keeping the public out of harm's way.

Heavy Lift and Structural Design Assist

Regardless of whether we are on site for a steel project or not, we love providing engineered solutions so our clients can get their teams on new turf as fast as safely possible. Contact us for design assist consulting.


Projects such as airports and hospitals come with strict design challenges. NASE shines under these restrictions by being able to provide alternate connection designs and construction plans that keep the job moving forward.


Our production mindset isn't limited to hammers, pins and bolts. NASE provides both structural and architectural field welding services in-house so our clients don't need to rely on additional subcontracting.